Online Privacy Policy:


Last updated: February, 2020

This Privacy Policy applies to the MogoBooks websites and related subdomains, mobile applications, and media (our "website") managed by MogoBooks, Inc. (“MogoBooks”, “we”, or “us”), and the online workbook and course creation platform that enables independent instructors (“Instructors”) to deliver recorded instruction, digital goods, and learning services as (MOOC) massive open online courses  (“Courses”) and interactive multi-question workbooks (“Workbooks”) to end-users (“Users”) through the Instructors’ libraries (“Client Libraries”). Our website, online workbook / course creation platform and related services are hereinafter collectively referred to as our "Services".

We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining and using any information we collect through your use of our Services responsibly.

MogoBooks is the data controller for the processing of personal data in relation to MogoBooks accounts and in relation to the use of our website. Each individual client library is the data controller for their own client library and associated account.

This Privacy Policy only concerns the processing for which MogoBooks is data controller. If you have any questions regarding processing for which a Client Library is data controller, please contact the relevant Client Library or Admin associated to that account.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully prior to accessing or using our Services. If you have any questions, please contact us at: is owned and operated by Hello Mogo Inc, a Florida corporation, which helps publishers / authors, organizations, businesses, and brands ("Clients") operate a workbook, study guide, lesson platform ("client library") via its own website environment, (, on the websites of its clients, or a completely unique URL ( and HelloMogo Inc. may be used interchangeably in the site policies. occasionally runs its own promotions and marketing and all (promotions and marketing), whether external or internal, may gather personally identifiable information from those individuals who create an account with or any “client library”. This information will be used to gather key metrics, and account notifications and special offers. and Hello Mogo Inc, values our customers and client customers and will never sell any email addresses to 3rd parties. takes its privacy obligations both to its clients and to people who access and unlock content, very seriously. This policy outlines our treatment of the personally identifiable information we collect on behalf of our clients and for our own use.

There are three types of interactions a “User” may have with our site.

1. A user has found as a customer, and desires to access and unlock content from a client library. If available, they can see customers and click on Libraries to create an account.

2. A Sub URL of Client Site: A user has found a ( as a customer, and desires to access and unlock content from a client library.

3. A Custom URL “Not Private Label”: A user has found ( as a customer, and desires to access and unlock content from a client library. Powered by MogoBooks will appear on all screens, unless MogoBooks has agreed to make its environment a “white label”, where all MogoBooks branding would be removed.  

Users: Users who access, as “customers” of Client Libraries to access and unlock content, are set-up as users in (that particular client library). The user must create a new account for each new Library of which they desire access. This could change in a future version. It will be updated in Policy Page “when” this occurs.

Client Data: As a full service web and mobile platform, installs libraries with its proprietary software, on behalf of its clients. As part of the workbook platform and “client library” offering, may collect personally identifiable information, such as name and email address, usage, and individual purchases by aggregating data, for how many (Workbooks / Studies / Lessons) were unlocked by individual user.

This data is protected for clients by the use of' proprietary technology online and backend reporting system. collects such personally identifiable information solely for the use of its clients and the operation of MogoBook platform. does not internally use any of the data collected. All data is managed and owned by each client.

Hello Mogo Inc. aims to provide customers a wonderful experience, when interacting with any of the unlockable content from a client site or In order to maintain a safe user experience of quality content, and Hello Mogo Inc enforces that “no client” has the right to upload any video content, that is sexually explicit, pornographic, supports hate crimes, discriminatory by nature, or any illegal content.

Any client account that abuses this policy will be notified and will have their account terminated without refund. Additional examples of un-approved content include; Copyrighted materials that owned by someone that is “not you”. If you use copyrighted materials for your content, then it is assumed that you have permission for such materials. In knowledge of such copyright infringement, will result in your content being removed. Multiple attempts to continue utilizing copyright materials without permission from the copyright holder, will result in notification, and account termination without refund. All user that have unlocked, purchased, your content, will be notified, of such occurrence. strictly limits access to all personally identifiable information within its organization and data is never shared outside of the brand for any reason whatsoever (with, of course, the exception of appropriate governmental or legal requests). Personally identifiable information collected from different client libraries is never mingled nor shared with anyone other than the client on whose behalf the information was collected. Personally identifiable information collected by on behalf of a client belongs solely to the client and will be used solely in accordance with that particular client's privacy policy.

An individual's desire to "opt-out" of receiving marketing or other information from a client will be handled in accordance with that particular client's privacy policy and business practices. requires its clients, by contract, to use the data which collects on its behalf in accordance with generally accepted privacy standards for both offline and online data, which includes an "opt-out" method for individuals who have provided personally identifiable information. Ultimately, however, is not responsible for data collected on behalf of its clients when such data is in its client's possession. "Opt-in" to client promotions: From time to time, and one of its clients will agree to allow to offer entrants to a promotion the opportunity to "opt-in" to receiving marketing information from and its partners. In such cases, a "opt-in" question will appear clearly explaining to users that by checking the box they would be agreeing to share their personally identifiable information with If there is not a "opt-in" question provided, will not share or use any of the data collected whatsoever.

When individuals "opt-in" to receive information from, they are agreeing to receive email and other notices from, including marketing messages, surveys, special offers and notices about other any offering. Such notices may come from itself, companies with whom has a business relationship and/or clients.

If you want to "opt-out" of receiving such notices from after you have "opted-in", or you wish to correct the information you have provided to, you may do so by sending an email to will never sell such information, share it with another business or use it for any purpose other than marketing' own, core business.'s web and mobile workbook / library technology:'s proprietary workbook creator, (Workbook, Lesson, Study Guide) sale, and delivery technology has the ability to collect anonymous data other than personally identifiable information for any of the client libraries, or accounts it operates online. may collect information about your computer configuration, such as your browser type, operating system, or ISP domain name. may collect information about the site you last visited prior to accessing the client library or about your activity during your visit to or client library. This information will not reveal your personal identity (it is anonymous).

Any such information collected may be used by to administer the technical and operational aspects of this site, and may include using your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server. Your IP address may also be used to gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.

Our use of Cookies: may use cookies (a piece of data stored on the user's hard drive containing information about the user) to assist in performing some or all of these activities. You can set your browser to accept all, some or no cookies. If you set your browser to reject all cookies, you may be limited in your ability to access some or all aspects of a Content. We are in compliance with GDPR and your accepting of our use of cookies, gives us the permission to use cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy and outlined usage details.

Prohibit Malware/Spyware/Viruses:

Neither HelloMogo nor the MogoBooks knowingly permit the use of malware, spyware, viruses, and/or other similar types of software.

Links to External Sites:

MogoBooks is not responsible for the content or practices of third party websites that may be linked to the Site. The Company is also not responsible for any information that you might share with such linked websites. You should refer to each website’s respective privacy policy and practices prior to disclosing any information.

User Experience Testing:

MogoBooks may implement a small amount of code on it’s own platform to gain insight into user interactions with certain elements of the site. The includes A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing by using Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO, Crazy Egg or another relatable service. It is strictly for the purpose of learning user behavior to improve and optimize performance and deliver the best and highest quality platform / software (SAAS).

Contact If you wish to contact to correct, amend, or delete information (if is holding on to your information as explained above), about privacy related issues or for any reason at all, you may do so by contacting us at:


Material Changes to Policy: or Hello Mogo Inc. may make material changes to this privacy policy from time to time. Therefore, you should periodically visit this page to view the current Privacy Policy. In the event of a material change to this privacy policy, shall send an email advising of the change to all those whose email addresses we have collected and retained pursuant to the terms set forth above.