He Will Make A Way

Even in the hardest times, find financial freedom with Crown's MoneyLife Program.

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Practical and Encouraging

MoneyLife® is designed to help you overcome financial struggles with practical hands-on tools and guidance. But it's is also a Bible Study. It will encourage you, increase your knowledge of biblically-based financial principles, and help you apply God's Word to your financial decisions.

One Step At a Time

We know that things are difficult right now. Many of us are dealing with hard circumstances with work, money, and health. But take heart: No challenge is too much for God to handle. We created the MoneyLife Program as a reminder that God is the great provider who will never leave or forsake us. To get started, we recommend focusing on 4 key sessions of the MoneyLife Program focused on practical steps you can take right away, no matter where you are along your financial journey:

  1. Unwavering Hope
  2. The Plan
  3. Save It
  4. Ditching Debt


Hang in There

Life may be overwhelming right now, but you are not alone. He will make a way even in the hardest times. Join a community of others on the journey toward financial freedom, and experience real transformation in your life and finances today.


With Your MoneyLife Course You Receive:

1. Access to the MoneyLife® Indicator, a financial health assessment designed by experts to provide feedback tailored to your own specific growth needs.

2. Access to 10 self-paced lessons with accompanying videos to guide you through God’s teaching on money. You can go through the course on your own or with a group from your church, family, or community.

3. Practical tools designed to help you track income & expenses, create a budget, and stick with your monthly spending plan.



Crown Financial Ministries

Biblical Wisdom

Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ while learning how to apply His financial principles to your life. He will lead you to the lasting change and financial freedom you've been looking for.

Practical Tools

Take a financial health assessment, track income and expenses, create a budget and stick with your monthly spending plan.

Total Flexibility

With the online study, people from anywhere can join each other on the journey to financial freedom. Use the online platform from opposite sides of the country or from opposite ends of the coffee table - it's up to you.

Laura T

“God has reminded me to seek Him first, above all else, and to refocus my energy on getting and staying organized with the gifts He has provided. I want to remember that each week as I work through the budget …. and ask myself.. how are the choices I am making furthering His Kingdom?”

5 months ago


“I have been a part of 12+ classes on how to handle money properly over the years and never finished. I successfully completed, with God’s help and Crown’s direction, the online MoneyLife course. I truly enjoyed the class and encourage others to take the course.”

5 months ago