Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

God is Our Provider

Becoming faithful stewards starts by knowing and believing that God is our provider. But we live in a world where other beliefs can conflict with that truth -- like thinking it's ultimately up to us to "make it happen." This date will help you and your spouse uncover the beliefs and behaviors that will help you trust God to provide for your needs in every season of life.

What's Inside?


Are financial disagreements taking a toll on your marriage? Money Dates will help bring unity and peace to your relationship.

Meaningful Conversation

Does talking about money together feel stressful? Money Dates help you navigate through important financial conversations by using guided content for your discussions.

Biblically Based

Do you approach finances differently, based on what you learned from family or friends? Money Dates are biblically-based helping you get on the same page about your financial decisions.

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